1986 A levels in electro-technics and informatics (Technical Experimental Institute, Arezzo)
1987/91 Faculty of Engineering, University of Rome "La Sapienza" (5 exams)
2000 M.Sc. in Architecture, University of Rome "La Sapienza"
2001 Bio-architecture Course at the Bio-Architecture Centre of Bracciano (RM), Prof. Architect Birgitt Becker
2001 Photovoltaic installations course FRONIUS (AU)
2001 Solar-Logis solar installations course
2008 Energy-efficient architecture and building course (D.Lgs.192/05, 311/06)
2008 Fire risk prevention course 818/84 (AR)
2009 Solar panels installation course (Fabbrica del Sole, Arezzo)
2009 Eurotherm.underfloor heating appliances course
2012 Building security course D.Lgs. 81/08, Diploma of Security coordinator
2013 Autocad 2013 Course
2015 Continuing and professional education: dehumidification of the historical walls, renewal of school building heritage, land use and hydrogeological

Professional competence
Since my younger years, I have become adapted to multicultural environments, to situations in which building a good team spirit represents and essential prerequisite, and communication plays a major role. I believe I developed a great capacity to interact with people around me, a quality that enables me to perform at my best, with great serenity, consistency and with a professional attitude, any workload that I may have been asked to resolve. I am very handy at developing plastic models at different scales, a capacity that I acquired through many years of professional praxis and university studies. I am very fluent in computing, and in particular in the creation of CAD 2d/3d design projects in Autodesk environment. A capacity that I acquired through many years of professional praxis and university studies. Elaboration of advanced graphical models in "Adobe" and fotorealistic simulations. During my free time, I am a passionate traveller, I like cinema, theatre and sports, and I am an avid reader of books and magazines.