Electrical heating systems


Domestic electrical heating bears some interesting features:

  • The costs of supply and installation and of the plant are easy to carry out and significantly reduced (no need for particularly skilled labour);

  • Underfloor electrical heating as well as radiant heating appliances use heating elements of a reduced thickness (e.g., underfloor heating is 4 mm thick, radiators protrude from the wall for just 2.5 cm);

  • Electric heating systems do not require maintenance and periodic checks because there are no mechanisms that could be subject to wear (no moving parts);

  • Electrical domestic heating allows an easy management of the temperature room by room (so that you can make the most of programmable controllers and home automation);

  • Electrical heating can be ideally paired to alternative and renewable sources of energy;

  • Il riscaldamento a corrente può essere facilmente abbinato ad energie alternative e rinnovabili;



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