Eurotherm radiating systems


The steadily rising cost of energy supplies, the risk to remain subject to the whims of the nations from which we import energy and finally the danger of looming climate change require a radical change of direction towards greater efficiency in heating appliances.

Underfloor heating is hygienic. The fact that the heating equipment is invisible means that there is no need to worry constantly about cleaning the back of radiators or external tubing. Underfloor heating does not cause rising dust and it is the most adequate form of heating for who suffers from allergies. The warmth created by radiant heating systems acts directly on our body, without having to warm up air in the room in the meanwhile. As a result, the same level of comfort can be achieved with a temperature that is 2°C lower. This is highly beneficial on human health, because having warm feet and a fresh mind represents an ideal condition for the human body.

Underfloor heating can be powered with a number of heat sources; however, the building will achieve higher energetic efficiency when renewable energy is involved. Use of radiant heating systems allows for energy purchase and maintenance savings of up to 12%, in relation to traditional heating systems.



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