Energy consumption and the achievement of a high energy rating are some of the most important elements of the design of modern villas. Achieving an A rating requires greater expenditure but ensures a significant reduction in energy consumption; at the same time, the outer environment receives a lesser impact from heating appliances. Underfloor heating powered by geothermal energy is one of the best examples of high functionality that can be chosen to achieve A rating. Rising from the floor base, warm air tends to heat the lower portion of the room producing a sensation of greater comfort at a lower cost than what could be achieved using traditional heating systems.

A further option that can be pursued to achieve high energetic performance is harnessing solar energy using solar-thermal panels for domestic hot water appliances, as well as solar-photovoltaic panels. To reduce the aesthetic impact of photovoltaic panels requiring large surfaces, it is possible to use building-integrated photovoltaics such as solar tiles and solar roofs.

The care of details, comfort and a siting that achieves grand views are elements that characterize the best design of modern villas. The best structures are those that are entirely built based on a unique plan, with elements of contemporary interior design and original furnishing. The quality of the design is related to the high quality and to the variety of the building materials employed; it is very important to be able to make use of different materials such as armoured cement, stone, teak, marble and glass, in a harmonious way. The choice of appropriate materials that fit with the exterior space favours the overall harmony and significantly contribute to the building’s value.



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